Official Website Update
July 26, 2013   Rachel has been hinting for awhile now that her official website was making progress and would soon be relaunched. A few days ago, Rachel finally set a date for the reveal. Rachel tweeted that August 5th will be the date that we will finally see the new official website. The last time Rachel's website was updated was in 2009 following her run on Strictly Come Dancing. Let's hope we get some new photos!

Rachel Joins Facebook
July 26, 2013   Rachel has recently revealed that she now has an official Facebook account. So far she's been keeping us up to date on her latest projects, events and photoshoots. Please click the image above to access her page. Make sure you like it!

Rachel Teams Up with Select Model Management
July 26, 2013   Rachel has teamed up with Select Model Management with whom she will be expanding her modelling career. Their official website contains several new photos of Rachel as part of her modelling portfolio. More photos will hopefully be added soon. To see the latest ones, please click on the image above to see all of them in the gallery. She looks better than ever!

Next Petites Autumn/Winter Collection
July 26, 2013   The Autumn/Winter collection for the Next Petites clothing line has been released. And Rachel is once again fronting the campaign. Make sure you visit the petites sections of the Next website to view the latest clothing. Click the image above to go to the gallery and view some of photos from Rachel's shoot. More will be added as we get more HQ shots.

New Spring/Summer 'Next' Photos
May 5, 2013   I just recently came across these new HQ photos from Rachel's Spring/Summer clothing shoot for the 'Next Petites' line. To see all the photos we have so far from this shoot, please click any of the thumbnails below or the image above to see them in the gallery.

Interview About S Club + More
May 5, 2013  
There are few times when Rachel Stevens’ new life as a mother, and her old one as a sex symbol and No 1 pop star, collide. But when they do it’s almost always at children’s parties.

Reach, the S Club 7 song Rachel and her six bandmates had a hit with in 2000, may be more than a decade old but its catchy beat still makes it a firm favourite when it comes to toddler discos. 'Whenever it comes on everyone looks at me to see how I’ll react,' she smiles. 'I think it’s brilliant that people are still playing our music. But all that stuff feels like a lifetime ago. So much has changed.'

S Club 7 split up ten years ago and Rachel, as the band’s most famous face and resident FHM poster girl, went on to have a successful solo career and even acted in a couple of films. But then record sales fell and it went a bit quiet.

Next came Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 (Rachel came second behind actor Tom Chambers). But then, just as she had our attention again, she vanished. That was thanks to Amelie, her two-year-old daughter with property developer husband Alex Bourne. Rachel, 35, has enjoyed a quiet couple of years being a mother, but now she’s ready to get back to work. 'Being in a band gave me a strong work ethic and I’ve always been very driven,’ she says. ‘I’ve loved spending time with Amelie but I knew I needed to do something else.'

If she worried about being forgotten she needn’t have. She’s just become the face of Next’s Petites range, for women 5ft 3in and under, while from now until September you’ll see her face all over bottles of Belu water. Proceeds will go to WaterAid – she’s an ambassador for the charity – and on a recent trip to Ethiopia in that capacity she says she met a single mother of eight who had to walk miles to get a bucket of dirty water, which certainly made Rachel appreciate her life a little more.
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Rachel Out & About
May 5, 2013   These are the first candid photos of Rachel so far in 2013. They are from a couple weeks ago, but I just got around to posting them today, sorry for the delay! Thanks to Dale for finding them in HQ. To view all 7 of the photos, please click on any of the thumbnails below to be directed to our photo gallery!

HQ Photoshoot from 2009
April 22, 2013   I came across some new HQ photos from Rachel's photoshoot with Richard Saker from 2009. I've never seen them in this quality before, so I thought I'd go ahead and rush them into our gallery for you. Rachel looks great in these photos, as always. To access these photos in the gallery, please click on the image above or the thumbnails below!

Rachel in OK! Magazine
April 17, 2013   Rachel mentioned a while back that she had a chat with OK! Magazine. Well, thanks to Lorna, we have a scan of Rachel's short interview specially for OK! Magazine's birthday issue, where they talked to OK! brides of the past. Rachel reminisced on her wedding and looked towards the future. Click the image above to view the scan of the article in our gallery.

Celebrating Four Years Online
April 17, 2013   It's one week late, but I had to make sure I perfected it before showing you all. I hope you love the new layout as much as I do. I'm so happy to be able to say that this site has been opened for four years! I really can't believe how long it has been. Although, when I was working on the past layouts page I realized how far I've come in making this site. I cringe at the sight of many of the past designs. I've really enjoyed running this site, especially as of recently because I've been learning a lot of ways to make updating the site easier. I urge you to check out some of the updated pages. They don't necessarily have much added content (something I'm still working on) but they just look a lot nicer. Also, as I keep saying, I do plan to update the graphics section very soon and also will be adding tons more photos to the gallery. I am also thinking about adding a lyrics section, but I am still trying to sort some things out before that can happen. Please keep checking back for updates! And feels free to let me know what you think of the new design by sending me a tweet @AllAboutRachel.